Saturday, February 28, 2009

A. Haikus

Lucky for me one
Cannot love fully if the
Other will not share.


I miss his back, his
warmth, the blue tattoo over
his heart, closed to me.


Daytime, cheery smile,
Cute, but then, moonlit, he is
intense, dear, older.


and this --

What I miss most: his
Cat-look under shaggy mane,
Weak knee hugs, just 'cause.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Flanked by romance, on
All sides, I close my eyes and
Feel your hot kisses.

If skin and skin were
All we were I could do this
...if hearts disengaged.

My bloodstream races
With heat and adrenaline
And traces of you.

This time, last time, one
Time more and then I must resist
Your magnetic pull.

You: crack. A bright bulb
That pulls this stupid moth to
Fruitless flailing. Stop.

Savage Starts

It begins like this:
Sniffing the night,
Seeing the eyes aglow
Beyond the firelight,
Needing to know now

Listening to the howl,
The prowl
The closing in,
Padding footsteps
Thrilling, near

Then pushing into darkness, chasing
Scent, clues, broken twigs,
Finding where you were

I hear you
Heart beating
Blood rushing
Pausing ahead
Then pushing away

Fishermen tell me
to pause here,
Reel in,
Feel you turn and
Learn to come back
But I,

I have hunter blood,
Restless, sporting,
Cannot rest till
we are cavorting
snorting like
bulls but

in this clearing,

pant pant

You are lost
to the darkness, moved
On to haunt another enticing fireside

And I have just chased you