Tuesday, December 24, 2013


all the baking and busy and shopping and fierce intense face-down
in cookbooks will not
make this 1982
will not allow me to climb that plane, live on that
wavelength where all the past and present are future are in a line and you know they
are all one, all now, all to come, all in the past.

my poor limited logical brain knows
knows too much
knows too well
knows that I am not 12, that santa is not
poised over mexico
that a magical entry to a new world is not
wrapped in tinsel under my tree
that the six faces that go with this date
this night
are not here

won't be here

today is just a day

a post-solstice step along the way, crawling back toward sunshine.
That too, shall come
This too, shall pass.

Friday, October 25, 2013


The lies they told us
  in high school
           the lies that divide

That clothes matter
Interests define
That you and I
Could never see
      eye to eye.

Labels strip identity,
Make you feel separate from me.

But we are music,
You and I

We fly,
Rhythm and beat,
A blended harmony

We are poetry,
You and I

We sigh,
Meter and sound and
   Raw emotion.

Our colours break prismatic
   from this black
     and white
         and grey color bar

Together, we are more than apart.
A whole, complete beating heart.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rainy Summer

Writing happy poetry is HARD!

It seems the rain won’t stop
This summer
And I won’t see the buttercups
Reach for the sun
I won’t see
Diamonds on the harbour next to the oil rainbows
I won’t see you
But the rain sparkles on your hair

And your eyes are all the warmth I need.