Friday, December 4, 2015

Things to stop

Stop biting your nails
Stop swallowing your words
Stop eating fat
(When you swallow feelings that you have half buried since childhood
How is it they in turn can devour you? Parasitic.)

Stop recycling passwords
Stop picking
Stop chewing with your mouth open

Drink milk.
Eat greens.
Choose superfoods.
Stop drinking
(Never sip the bitter bile of the things you will never do in life, it's as toxic as hell. Live in the now.)

Stop smoking
Stop underachieving 
Stop caring so much
Stop being so fucking smug
(Just be awesome. Just do it.)
Stop hating.
Stop being angry.
Stop arguing.
Stop talking.
Stop being defensive.
Stop being crazy.

(Choose life!) 
Stop dying.

Process matters.

Process matters.
We live in the process
the process is the continuum
the process is now
there is room in the process.
For things that grow and change
like hearts, feelings,
minds and bruises.

Destination is a
two dimensional room.
No one lives there.
You see your destination only
over your shoulder...
After you've passed into
the next process.