Monday, March 15, 2010


So, I saw you outside the mall
All cool, smoking in your
Trench coat, long hair
Dark clotted on your cheek.
And I walked by,
Kept walking.

I know we don't speak here,
In the air and the light with the
Day people milling around.

But for a split second I felt your
Mouth biting my neck and my
Pulse quickened, nipples

I didn't look up.
Neither did you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

turn the dial

I ride a web-winged dragon to the
high mountain perch from which you reign
And on clear moonlit nights we tryst by the crystal lake.

Turn the dial

I am the owner of inn to which
Your father brings you the night you are
To become a man, before you ride off to the hunt

Turn the dial

We've always been sitting here
Meditating on this electricity,
Humming the sacred chord and chained with kinetic joy

In  a thousand universes we have exploded together
Like supernova suns, found each other like
Guided missiles.

Has fate ever saved us
A happy ending? 

Monday, March 1, 2010


Inspired by MrWordsWorth's structure and my own disjointed but linked thoughts

I swim deep in these waters
And you, the sun
I seek, fly above--
Bidding me rise and risk

Through the crackling circuitry this
Heat passes back
And forth, like friction builds and
Must release with a
Snap and a spark that stings
Relief; but then
When flesh might
Meet flesh we are
Suddenly shy.

In this calmness
Serenaded by the slowed
Eddies of my thoughts, stripped of
Wanton desires, needs, anxiety
Melting away like sunscreen in the sea;
Buoyed by only my perception of me
and this place,
There is no you, and all is a smooth
White pearl.