Monday, January 11, 2010


On this side of the screen
I lip read and
Look for signs
I don't expect to see but
Oh, when it looks like your semaphore
Says, 'come to me'...

But then, you were just

And though I could swear that
Is a beckoning it
Could just be a wave.

Your smile is so friendly
I wish I could really
Hear what
You're saying.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I must circle you

I must circle you, and
You know the reasons why:

You could be a wary rabbit,
And run.

Or a fierce badger and
Lash out.

I must circle you, keep you like the
Sun in my eye.

Keep you centred, focused
In my awareness.

If my eyes drift to the soft edges of
What could be, I might fall.

I must circle you, keep the pressure
Outward and inward equal.

Not fly away with momentum
Not get pulled into your gravity.

Keep you at the centre of my camera's track
In focus, but safely distant.

Like Pink Floyd in Pompeii, or that
Talk Talk video where they mention it.

I can only touch you across this gap.
You know why. You know why.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a kiss and then

in a moment it seems
it all whirls around me
like Alice's house of cards

all the beautiful faces I
love, have loved, will love, could love
a zoetrope around me, spinning

i'm warm, bathed in love,
washed in the beauty of it all

and yet I hunger, want a biteto taste
each apple, to collect
more, scalps of lust and hair and blood

to line my trophy case, and when
I am alone, I will roll in this and

Ask me anything