Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer and Love... what else do you write poems about?

Lying in the warm honeyed lazy bee buzzing afternoon
Entangled in gold, the sun and your hair
Combine to entrap me, tie me to this moment.

Chained to wanting to stay here and wanting more
Too drowsy with happiness and complacency to
Really make an effort to leave.

Not that I want to leave, I don't, this
Prison of warmth and velvet suits me just
Fine. I will rest here, and glow

Compete with the golden sun overhead and the
Amber wave of your embrace, tangled in blonde
And blue, blue eyes, and blue tinged mood.

Friday, June 25, 2010


This is the dark tumour that lies inside,
Once it takes hold, it never

It waits for the days to pile up enough
Working-late, fatigued-and-hormonal days
That it can grip and
Squeeze out

It takes you to a grey place
Where you seek your hurt cave,
Lie down to lick your wounds
Hide from others' eyes

Because they might see and pity or
Worse, not see that there's anything wrong
And then, it's just better to be alone.

That's what the dark tumour whispers
In your dreams, and in your moments of doubt,
Better to be alone
Easier not to care
Safer not to try.

And even though you know the thoughts are
Not yours, and not right, the hypnotic
Narcotic lethargic draw is such that
You agree.

I wave from my ice floe as it
Drifts away and you look
Very very small.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

petit mort

Outside wind howls,
Crow calls, dog barks
Sky dark, speckless,

And I, within, wearied,
Solemn, sore with
Battling up this hill
Want only to
Lay and rest
My head on my
Lover’s chest,
Sweet, warm,
Satin-safe and wood-secure
Held dark and still,
Gathered in though
Worms of cloud
Gather without,
His heart and mine till
Sun peeks out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

free bird

Playing with rhyme schemes. The meter doesn't scan yet.

One obsidian-pearl eye cocked to the sky,
Feral corvid waits to fly,
Whispers quiet memories to forward-nodding daisies
Watches to see if I'll run or cry.

Guardian of thought, in darkness sought
Attention is with crumbs bought
Stay awhile here with me
"Hello," my sole entreaty
Help me face these fears I've fought.

Do not depart -- stay, help me chart
How I allowed this thing to start,
For now with mine,
His love entwines,
And I fear that I will burst apart,

For my love, he is as wild as thee
And surely it will come to be
That this love cannot last
This thought from you is passed--
For boys, like crows, need liberty.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So, I saw you outside the mall
All cool, smoking in your
Trench coat, long hair
Dark clotted on your cheek.
And I walked by,
Kept walking.

I know we don't speak here,
In the air and the light with the
Day people milling around.

But for a split second I felt your
Mouth biting my neck and my
Pulse quickened, nipples

I didn't look up.
Neither did you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

turn the dial

I ride a web-winged dragon to the
high mountain perch from which you reign
And on clear moonlit nights we tryst by the crystal lake.

Turn the dial

I am the owner of inn to which
Your father brings you the night you are
To become a man, before you ride off to the hunt

Turn the dial

We've always been sitting here
Meditating on this electricity,
Humming the sacred chord and chained with kinetic joy

In  a thousand universes we have exploded together
Like supernova suns, found each other like
Guided missiles.

Has fate ever saved us
A happy ending? 

Monday, March 1, 2010


Inspired by MrWordsWorth's structure and my own disjointed but linked thoughts

I swim deep in these waters
And you, the sun
I seek, fly above--
Bidding me rise and risk

Through the crackling circuitry this
Heat passes back
And forth, like friction builds and
Must release with a
Snap and a spark that stings
Relief; but then
When flesh might
Meet flesh we are
Suddenly shy.

In this calmness
Serenaded by the slowed
Eddies of my thoughts, stripped of
Wanton desires, needs, anxiety
Melting away like sunscreen in the sea;
Buoyed by only my perception of me
and this place,
There is no you, and all is a smooth
White pearl.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

passing the marble

A poem I wrote a bit ago, just finally recording it here. "Holding the marble" refers to a story from The Story Girl about the origins of kissing. In this case, I'm thinking of the sensation of holding in words, but passing the sense of them in the kiss.

The last lingering kiss goodbye,
My palms ache to store the feel of
Muscled back,
Hair on chest,
Smooth curve of buttock.

Your hair is an amber wave
Of sunshine and I turn my face to its warmth.

Our lips touch again, softly once,
Then more insistent, bodies
Obeying their own siren calls
We meld into an
Arc of last longing.

The moments we spend between desire
Staring into each others' eyes are the hardest.
This marble belongs to you, love,
Come let me pass it to you.
We should not speak, lest it
Drop and shatter

Monday, February 1, 2010

The flesh is not so weak

Ironic really, how only when
My heart is coiled in agony throes
Only when my lips bleed can I
Kiss my muse's feet with love.

This is not agony, though, this
Is manufactured parallel joy and
Angst, oh hell, yes
Because where would a poetess be
Without angst?

This is the very moment of balancing on the ridgepole
This is walking along the mountain's cliff edge, and
Feeling the exhilaration of gravity's pull.

Let us entwine today, lover,
And grapple with these tender needs
Let me salve your soul and wash your feet and
Take all of you into my mouth
And together we can cry to the dawn that she's
Come too soon, again!

And your heart beats in a thousand pockets, and
Mine on a battered tweed sleeve, but
That is not our worry, my love.
Wrap yourself around me and turn up the bass.

Monday, January 11, 2010


On this side of the screen
I lip read and
Look for signs
I don't expect to see but
Oh, when it looks like your semaphore
Says, 'come to me'...

But then, you were just

And though I could swear that
Is a beckoning it
Could just be a wave.

Your smile is so friendly
I wish I could really
Hear what
You're saying.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I must circle you

I must circle you, and
You know the reasons why:

You could be a wary rabbit,
And run.

Or a fierce badger and
Lash out.

I must circle you, keep you like the
Sun in my eye.

Keep you centred, focused
In my awareness.

If my eyes drift to the soft edges of
What could be, I might fall.

I must circle you, keep the pressure
Outward and inward equal.

Not fly away with momentum
Not get pulled into your gravity.

Keep you at the centre of my camera's track
In focus, but safely distant.

Like Pink Floyd in Pompeii, or that
Talk Talk video where they mention it.

I can only touch you across this gap.
You know why. You know why.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a kiss and then

in a moment it seems
it all whirls around me
like Alice's house of cards

all the beautiful faces I
love, have loved, will love, could love
a zoetrope around me, spinning

i'm warm, bathed in love,
washed in the beauty of it all

and yet I hunger, want a biteto taste
each apple, to collect
more, scalps of lust and hair and blood

to line my trophy case, and when
I am alone, I will roll in this and


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