Thursday, April 8, 2010

free bird

Playing with rhyme schemes. The meter doesn't scan yet.

One obsidian-pearl eye cocked to the sky,
Feral corvid waits to fly,
Whispers quiet memories to forward-nodding daisies
Watches to see if I'll run or cry.

Guardian of thought, in darkness sought
Attention is with crumbs bought
Stay awhile here with me
"Hello," my sole entreaty
Help me face these fears I've fought.

Do not depart -- stay, help me chart
How I allowed this thing to start,
For now with mine,
His love entwines,
And I fear that I will burst apart,

For my love, he is as wild as thee
And surely it will come to be
That this love cannot last
This thought from you is passed--
For boys, like crows, need liberty.

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