Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rhymes from a while ago

I am not doing this thought justice, because it insists on coming out in rhyme. However, I'm capturing it for reworking later... don't judge me too harshly.

I am earth, you are air;
It's elemental what we share--
water, fire and spirit bright,
sparks fly up in the dark night.

Rooted to this place, a part
Of every tree's living heart,
Closed system energy flow
Through soil and green, and me, I know.

Above the petty fray, among
The clouds, the birds' flight song
You soar, unrestrained and out of touch
Above my reach and gravity's clutch.

Where we meet, mountain peak,
In the cyclone's spinning streak,
Among the leaves of a thousand trees, 
We are tied together, god decrees.


I'm sorry,
The doctors' whites bled into the bright light,
Their goggle eyes blinking at my aberrations.
The words are wrapped around vital organs.
They are firmly attached to your spine.
They can't be removed or
You will die.

The doctors know science,
Their shiny degrees frown down in Latin with wax seals.
I will die.

The doctors don't know that the words must come out.
They will come out.
They will grow, expand, pile up, push on my diaphragm
Till every breath is a belch of swallowed sentiment,
Every hiccup a propulsion of pickled, sour prose.

They will grow and leach the iron from my soul,
Absorb the toxins that seeped through my skin in
A long lonely soak in a mire of grey moods.

They will grow and squeeze my liver,
Wring out the lemon-scented melancholy buried under tequila,
The bile of tabasco-hot temper I never expressed when you stole my light.

The words will come out and I will die.
And when I awake from the torrent of trance-word explosive
vomiting death.
I will be whole, and light, and I will know the science of healing