Friday, September 4, 2009

Process take one

Here it is raw, off the tip of my brain. I will percolate today. This format may be too restrictive for what I'm doing. It's not there yet.

The first sip from his amber eyes
was intoxicating, heat spread through her
And she wanted

Months in, drinking in his wit
And winning ways added sparkle,
And joy to her

Months passed and the times between
The redhot joy spread like
Grey; Each hit still great, but not

Soon, too soon, she trembled
In his absence, tried to recreate
A brittle flirtation with a

She wept to know his power,
And he, drunk with it, withheld
His caress to watch her

All the sunshine fled her and
The dark clouds that flowed
In were more like

Finally, prostrated and empty,
She crawled away, beyond
Desire for escape, seeking

Friends found the shell
Her once-bright eyes dulled
Propped against a tree

Deprogramming, and withdrawal were
Long but at the end,
Harder, sadder, she was

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