Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ogres need Bifocals

Although she'd spied the ogre, she didn't rush.

“I said, this prescription is not correct. The glasses make my eyes blurrier.” She patiently waited as the counter attendant continued to try to bluster her into disappearing.

“No. No, I'm not leaving. I want glasses that correct my vision. I need them ASAP. I have tried these for three days. There is no improvement.”

The ogre was moving toward the designer frames, browsing casually.

“I want to see Dr. Kimball again. I understand he has a patient with him. I'll wait... but I want to see him by four.”

The ogre had gotten much closer, and Lil was startled to hear it grunting a whiffling behind her. She turned and caught it glancing at the clock. 3:30.

It caught her eye and gave her a nod that could have meant, “yo, sistah, I got yer back”, or possibly, “eff you, twerp, that 4 o'clock slot is mine”, or even potentially, “my, you look like quite a yummy morsel.”

She sat down in the waiting area and watched the ogre glare at the service bell. The squirrelly attendant had disappeared into the office. The ogre tapped the bell once, waited a beat and then popped the whole thing in its mouth and roared.

Squirrelly reappeared. “Ms. Lil Watson? Lil?”

Sigh. “I'm RIGHT HERE.”

“You can go right in.”

Lil headed into the office, avoiding the ogre, who was now stomping on the Guess frame selection.

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