Saturday, February 1, 2014

Today I am a hound

Today I am a hound.
Rich beany bitter coffee
Ozone-burnt air computer fan

Exhaust, burning dust, warm car
I can't drive if I hang my head out the window.

Sweater rubs strangely on my hackles as
Man in next car leers.

Today I am a hound.
Eucalyptus hand cream stops by to sniff out
Last night's drama.

Air conditioning meeting room,
Sweaty meaty hands strikes submissive with Brylcreem.

Leashed to my cubicle. Feign work through
Open-eyed nap. Internet. Squirrel!

Released! Car bounds happily home.
Yoga mat wriggle. Smokey incense tickles.

Today I am a hound. Fed. Petted. Rest.

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