Monday, January 30, 2017

Mercy is not geometry

Even a circle has an edge
Draw it as wide as you want, there
Is still a line. A border. A wall.
Mercy is not geometry.
Love exists beyond the Cartesian plane.
What we do is biology.
Rhizomes, tentacles, porous cell walls.
Find symbiosis.
Unlike ecology, love has no limits.

Shoeless, in your mitred hat, approach
Crawl until the thorns are blunted,
Sketch your god in the sand, it
Always shifts.
Bring all the pocket messiahs in neckties
But we will wear no corsets here.

We must do it this way, squeeze,
Pile, stack the open space with all
The dense joy
The ecstasy of being,pull together till there
Is no outside
Inside no lines
All human,
All one.
All die so
All love.

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